Funny Things My Kids Say


Dominic "I want to marry the Grinch, if he was a girl. (Dec. 2012)


Dominic "Mommy, I like you alot" (Dec. 2011)


J says to Dominic drink your milk.
Dominic says will I get big like you daddy?
J, says yes.
Dominic drinks milk and says daddy, you lied to me,
I am not big. (Dec. 2011)


(X Rated)

Nicholas was taking a long time in the bathroom.
I went in to see what was going on, I see him playing with his private.
I said what are you doing, he says, I am trying to make it straight. (Jan. 2012)


Cassandra says to Nicholas, even when you make me mad, I will always
love you. (Jan. 2012)