Christmas Pics

So we went to see Santa. Kids were all excited. They were first in line.
We had to go to the cheap mall, cause there were no lineups. The lineups at
the "nice mall" were just too long. I am hoping to get other pictures, when we go to our yearly, go see a movie in jammies night!!

Here are a few photos from our first Santa pictures.

Cassandra beautiful as ever!

Nicholas REFUSED to sit on Santa or go near him.

Dominic had no trouble talking his ear OFF!!


Today instead of the usual Thanksgiving turkey we opted to go to LaRonde. It should of been a good day, but it was far from it.

We were suppose to get free tickets from James colleague at work. He never showed up. After all the traffic and waiting to get there, we couldn't just turn around. So we ended up buy season passes for next year, and the super deal about it, is we get free parking next year:)

There was wayyyyyy too many people. People were not nice, rude, kids were tired and cranky (no naps), plus mommy and daddy were cranky too!!

Even so, the kids ended up having an okay time. Not the adults. So suffice to say if it is nice on October 29th, I am going "sans enfants".

School Has Started...For Everyone

So I have not updated the blog in eons.
So since September, Cassandra started grade 1, changed schools, I started school, boys are in daycare. Life is carrying on as usual. Kids have changed so much since the summer, it is CRAZY.

I am in school now, trying to JUGGLE everything. Barely surviving, but hoping it pays off in the end. 

Here are some updated pics of everyone!!

Dominic Posing

My 3 Munchkins


Daddy & Mommy

Cassandra First Day Of Grade 1



So last night we stopped and got haircuts for the kids. Do you know, how hard it is to find one that is half decent. I mean these are kids cuts, they shouldn't be complicated. Either way, it turned out okay I guess, but I see all the mistakes.
I need to find someone and keep the regularly.

My Kids Are Growing Up

This kinda makes me sad. All my kids are getting so big:( They are already starting to spread there wings, and gain independence. I am happy yet sad about it to.

Two Peas In a Pod

Here is a picture of Nicholas and his daddy. I could never lie 
and say that Nick was not his. Remarkable how much they look and act alike!!

Pictures After Bathtime!!!


More Beach Time

We really love going to the beach.It is our secret special place:)
So here are some more beach time fun pics.

Group Shots

Here are some group shots of the kids!



Cassandra is my little princess. When I mean little, I mean little.
She is 5 years old, and still wears size 3. Everyone in her kindergarten
class, towers over her. She was my first born, preemie. Born at 33 weeks gestation, and weighing 4 pounds, and was 17 inches long.

A little about her. She is a mini me. Looks, character and all.
She is very smart, older intellectually beyond her years. Sheis kind, thoughtful, considerate and has a good nature about her.She thinks you should be nice to everyone, but she will not let herself be walked over. She is thoughtful and thinks about other people.

Her favorite color is pink.She likes all things, pretty, sparkly and EXPENSIVE..(Just like mommy). Daddy is going to have fun when she is older!!


Nicholas is my sweet darling 4 year old baby boy!!
He also was a preemie, born @ 34weeks but weighing in at a whopping 6 pounds 3oz and 20 inches.

He has boundless energy. Somewhat on the verge of hyperactivity in my opinion.LOL. He is very manual, is very interested in anything that has to do with working his hands, whether it is puzzles, cars, building blocks or even coloring despite his energy.

Never would I have thought he could sit still long enough. Nicholas went threw the difficult ages of 2 and 3, being very defiant and not listening. Now that he is 4, it is a lot more smooth sailing. Not to say though that I still don't have some issues.
Nicholas is my baby, that probably needs the most attention
and reassurance. Is it because he is a middle child? Who knows??

Nicholas is going to be very good athletically, I can already tell. He was playing hockey this winter and he was great at it. He even was able to dress himself without any help,while all the older kids 4, 5 and 6 year olds were rolling on the floor crying/fighting with there parents. 

His favorite color is blue and he loves BATMAN,and HE-MAN


Dominic is my last little baby. He was a pleasant surprise. We were not expecting to have 3 kids. Not in the plan at all!! He defied all the odds at the beginning. (Will talk about birthing experience in another post). He was born @ 37 weeks weighing in at 7 pounds 1oz and 21 inches long.

Dominic is the only child, that I got to see right away after my C-Section. What a difference that makes. I truly believe in the maternal bond with baby, right after childbirth. Something I did not experience with my other 2 children.

Dominic is my baby that LOVES to cuddle. I love it, as my other children did not like it at all. Now that Dominic is almost 3, he is starting to get a character to himself. As I mentioned Nicholas is doing a lot better, well Dominic picked up where he left off, twenty fold. He is also very small, but boy oh boy, does he have spunk. He is slowly developing his character, and quite frankly right now it stinks, so I can't say much positive at the moment. I will change the post, when he gets an attitude adjustment.

Dominic as a baby was very weary of strangers, and did not enjoy when they would approach him. Dominic has a little mean streak right now, and hits and slaps and bites his siblings. Something I have never had to deal with, with the other 2.

Dominic loves the color blue, and love Buzz Light Year and McQueen. Heck he likes everything his brother and sister have!

Cassandra Graduation

My baby girl, finished kindergarten and is going to Grade 1. She did a super job this year, and we are all super proud of her.

She is not phased at all at the prospect of going to Grade 1. Cassandra you know there is going to be a lot less play time. Ya, I know mommy, plus I will have homework now!

Beach Time Fun