Today instead of the usual Thanksgiving turkey we opted to go to LaRonde. It should of been a good day, but it was far from it.

We were suppose to get free tickets from James colleague at work. He never showed up. After all the traffic and waiting to get there, we couldn't just turn around. So we ended up buy season passes for next year, and the super deal about it, is we get free parking next year:)

There was wayyyyyy too many people. People were not nice, rude, kids were tired and cranky (no naps), plus mommy and daddy were cranky too!!

Even so, the kids ended up having an okay time. Not the adults. So suffice to say if it is nice on October 29th, I am going "sans enfants".

School Has Started...For Everyone

So I have not updated the blog in eons.
So since September, Cassandra started grade 1, changed schools, I started school, boys are in daycare. Life is carrying on as usual. Kids have changed so much since the summer, it is CRAZY.

I am in school now, trying to JUGGLE everything. Barely surviving, but hoping it pays off in the end. 

Here are some updated pics of everyone!!

Dominic Posing

My 3 Munchkins


Daddy & Mommy

Cassandra First Day Of Grade 1